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    May 03
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    Have a conversation. Change a life. Practice Motivational Interviewing and SBIRT skills online.

    Probably everyone would agree that a) there is not enough time to address everything that matters in health care, and b) good quality health care empowers patients to make changes to improve health and wellness. One more thing we would probably agree on is that change is hard (whether changing our own habits or changing how we deliver health care). So, how can busy health professionals use limited time most effectively to address multiple health issues and empower patients to take steps in the direction of better health? First of all, help patients understand how many common health issues are interrelated. Depression, sleep, pain and alcohol are connected.  The same goes for drug use, exercise, stress, healthy diet, smoking, anxiety and trauma. Second, use the few minutes with patients to explore and enhance reasons and readiness to change. This is truly person-centered care!

    Motivational interviewing is one of the most promising, practical and rewarding approaches to helping people move in the direction of change.  Screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT) is an evidence-based approach to improve patients’ health through preventing and reducing substance use.  Effective brief interventions, or conversations with patients about changing their risky use of alcohol and other drugs, embrace motivational interviewing methods.

    Primary care is an ideal place to use motivational interviewing because it is possible to have ongoing conversations about change. Motivational interviewing does require practice. Fortunately, there are innovative ways to build your skills. Kognito online simulations use virtual patients to practice interactive, motivational conversations with adults and adolescents. The simulations take about an hour to complete (it is possible to start, stop and start where you left off). The following four modules are available at no-cost until August 2016 and continuing education credits are available for physicians and nurses.

    1) SBI Skills Assessment (screening and brief intervention for alcohol)
    2) SBI in Adolescents (screening and brief intervention to address alcohol, drug use, and related issues in adolescents)
    3) At-Risk in Primary Care (inter-related issues in adult patients)
    4) At-Risk in the ED (interrelated issues in adult and adolescent patients)

    Discover more here. Ready to practice motivational interviewing? Get started here.