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Risky substance use is a factor in all aspects of health and wellness. Often substance use is the missing piece in improving overall health and impacting—for the good and the bad—specific conditions. Screening everyone can identify substance use as a contributing factor to more than 70 medical conditions. SBIRT improves outcomes for chronic diseases, and can contribute to the wellness of your patients. With a renewed focus on prevention in healthcare, alcohol screening and brief intervention is a piece of the future of healthcare. Taking little time, SBIRT is an opportunity to improve the health of patients.


-Evidence-based approach to improving patients’ health and lives
-Screening for alcohol use ranks fourth in its effectiveness in preventing disease and saving costs—ahead of screening for hypertension, high cholesterol and cancers
-Proven to be particularly effective at motivating individuals to change their behavior
-The Affordable Care Act includes substance use disorders as “one of the ten elements of essential health benefits” stressing the cost benefit of SBIRT