About SBIRT Colorado



We at SBIRT Colorado are using evaluation, experience and lessons learned to establish screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment for substance use, often referred to as SBIRT, as a standard of care in healthcare settings. By expanding infrastructure, we’re building a solid foundation for SBIRT in state-level systems and healthcare communities in alignment with healthcare reform. We support the integration of behavioral health into healthcare through a collaborative effort of the Office of Behavioral Health, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Healthcare Policy and Financing to standardize substance use screening as a healthcare practice. Building recognition of behavioral healthcare also ensures comprehensive and integrated healthcare. To serve those individuals living with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders, we’re implementing SBIRT within existing state initiatives. We know that when people understand the connection between substance use and health, they make decisions to improve their health.

Colorado received two consecutive, five-year grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to implement SBIRT in our state. The second five-year grant will end in September 2016. In partnership with OMNI Institute, screening data has been collected and can be viewed at: Current grant (all sites), Current grant (Primary Care sites only).

Connecting Health and Substance Use

When providers explain to patients how substance use effects health, change happens. This is an important conversation showing your commitment to care and supporting your patients’ wellness. It’s been proven that you can motivate individuals to change. Routine screening is a quick, easy way to identify and intervene with patients whose use puts them at risk for health issues. A small investment that reaps large rewards with validated SBIRT screening tools. You can access free training, consultation services and support from SBIRT Colorado. Find out how SBIRT can be implemented in your setting.

SBIRT Colorado Interactive Map

SBIRT Colorado maintains an interactive map, pinpointing SBIRT initiatives across Colorado and the United States. The map is a tool for healthcare providers, community stakeholders, and policy makers to understand the scope of screening and brief intervention efforts and to identify opportunities for collaboration.